Health & Wellness

Our products can be part of an active, healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and regular physical activity.

As a company, we have always listened and responsed to the needs of our consumers and we know that obesity is a growing concern for them and their families. 

Obesity is a complex public health challenge, influenced by many factors but we understand the role that diet, including our products, can have on health and wellbeing. Our approach is based on giving people choice and information about our products to enable them to make the right decisions for themselves and their families. 

Within this context, The Coca‑Cola Company announced a series of commitments in 2013 that our business system will seek to achieve by 2020. These cover

  • Offering low or no calorie options in every market
  • Providing transparent nutrition information
  • Helping to get people moving by supporting physical activity programmes
  • Marketing responsibly, including no marketing to children under 12 years old

We offer choice – every brand we sell has a great tasting no sugar version. Our most recent innovation is Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar, which looks and tastes more like Classic Coca‑Cola, without the sugar.

Miles Karamacher Coca‑Cola HBC General Manager

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