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30 June 2022 - Coca-Cola HBC joined forces with YouthAction Northern Ireland to launch this years’ #YouthEmpowered programme which will support 2,000 young people from across Northern Ireland into employment or training. 

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Now in its sixth year, the programme, aimed at primarily at young women and marginalised young people, has reached over 5,500 young people across the island of Ireland to date. The partnership brings together business and the voluntary sector in support of the government’s ambitions to drive economic recovery and support young people in their journey to employment. 


More about #youthempowered

#YouthEmpowered focuses on two key areas – Life Skills and Business Skills – as employers today require young people to be quick learners and integrate smoothly into the workplace with an understanding of self and the commercial environment. It aims to foster confidence and resiliance among young people, helping them to embrace new career and learning opportunities.

The programme is developed and delivered in partnership with YouthAction Northern Ireland and Youth Work Ireland. A substantial investment has been made to develop a curriculum which is designed to help remove the barriers that exist for young people between the ages of 18 and 30 who have left the formal education system but who have been unable to secure or retain employment. 

The programme is be delivered in two formats, virtual workshop training , specifically designed for those not in education, training or employment, and a free online Digital Hub.

In 2020, it was expanded to offer free insights and training to any young person disproportionately impacted by Covid-19. All training and resources are now available via ie.coca-colahellenic.com.

"Me and others”

Life Skills will help participants recognise and develop the skills they have, helping them to make better career choices, building confidence, boosting their employability and help them stand out from the competition.

Life Skills Modules

  • Identify your skills: Understand self, own strengths and developmental opportunities
  • Interacting with others: Confidence and ability to interact with others
  • Dealing with Feedback: Listening to and learning to act on feedback
  • Build a strong CV: Show your best self with by communicating your own strengths and achievements

"Me and the workplace”

Business Skills will improve participant knowledge of core work competences, helping them to adjust to the business environment more smoothly

Business Skills Modules

  • Business Planning: Set goals and plans to achieve them.
  • Financial Literacy: Understand how to read numbers.
  • Project Management: effectively execute a plan.
  • Sales & Negotiation Skills: Sell products & services, ideas and get desired valued in return for offer product, service, idea.
  • Time Management: Managing time and objectives to reach a successful self and other satisfaction

The #YouthEmpowered programme will be fully supported by Coca‑Cola HBC mentors who will pass on their valuable first-hand experiences, about work, business and life, offering support to participants during the programme.

#YouthEmpowered is designed to support young people aged 18-30, focusing on those who are not in education, employment or training - particularly those hardest hit following the pandemic. 

 The programme is free of charge and available to all via our website, ie.Coca-ColaHellenic.com. 

If you would like to  avail of a mentor within Coca-Cola HBC, we have 40 Youth Coaches within Coca-Cola HBC who are willing to lend their time and expertise.

For more information, send your details along with a short bio or description of your career goals and ambitions to [email protected] 

OUR FREE Insights & training modules


Self-awareness is key to any successful career. It also helps you decide the career path that best suits you! Do you know your personality type? Have you thought about the environments in which you like to work? Do you know how you prefer work to with others? Take our free self-assessment quiz to begin your journey to better self-understanding.

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The Art of Time Management

The art of time management is a skill most valued in any job today. Throughout this course, learners will be taught how to manage their time better, how to write a to-do list, estimate task duration and many more.  You will soon understand the importance of managing your time during any task you do and how to not become easily overwhelmed throughout busy periods in your job. 

Negotiation Skills

Looking for new ways to solve a problem? How can you come to an agreement that satisfies everyone in a business environment that is complex, uncertain and changing? Tension and conflicts are part of our everyday lives and good negation skills are key to coping with these challenges. This course will show you how to satisfy your stakeholders interests and communicate more efficiently. You will gain hands-on experience in a risk-free environment and link what you learn to your own challenges on the spot. 

Project Management

Project Management is a central part of every business, and project management skills are in high-demand as companies recognise their importance to organisational success and the bottom line. Project management skills are applicable across all functional areas and business sectors.

Financial Literacy

The recipe for success includes excelling in both your personal and business life and managing your finances can be the first step. We can help you understand the intersection of personal finance, financial concepts, and financial planning to build on your current wealth and provide long term stability. During this module, learners will understand essential financial concepts and get familiar with some of the most important documents and processes that will help kickstart your money management. 

Sales Skills

In today’s highly competitive market, all businesses need to completely confident in the ability of their staff to effectively handle leads and enquiries. The contribution that the sales team makes to any company’s performance is essential to making sure that incoming customer leads are effectively converted to sales.

Business Planning

Business Planning is a fundamental skill that is used by employees everyday. This course is designed for those who wish to write a business plan for a new business initiative and maybe wish to present this for funding.  At the end of this course, participants will be familiar with a business plan and why they need one to start a successful business. 

Understanding and Developing Yourself

A commitment to self-development and reflection can not only support your general wellbeing, but can also help you thrive professionally. Undertake our 'Understanding and Developing Me' training module to better understand your passions and purpose; while hearing insights from actress and writer Stefanie Preissner and Coca-Cola HBC Learning Expert Rosalind Millership. 

Building Confidence and Resilience

Resilience is an important tool; helping you to recover and respond to challenging events, in both your personal and professional life. Undertake our training module and hear from Irish International Footballer Jack Byrne and Coca-Cola HBC's Public Affairs and Communications Director Tom Burke on the importance on ways to build physical and emotional resilience for the new working world. 


How do you job-hunt in the digital age of recruitment? Can you improve your online presence? Is it possible to make meaningful connections throughout Covid-19? Why not undertake our training module on professional networking, or hear from Social Media Expert Craig Dwyer and Coca-Cola HBC’s Talent Acquisition Expert Aimee Hull who have advice for standing out from the crowd online


How best can you prepare for an interview? How do you stand out in a virtual setting? What are the techniques to best demonstrate your skills and experience?

Our training module offers practical advice for communicating with impact. You can also hear advice from BWG HR Manager Cathy Kearney and Coca-Cola HBC’s Capability Expert Jazz Kelleher on how to excel in an interview setting.

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