Recognising the achievements of the entire team and their winning mindset, the Coca‑Cola HBC Supply Chain team was awarded the greatest accolade of the night, on Thursday 8th June at the Titanic Building in Belfast.

The coveted Irish News 'Team of the Year' award offered the PET (plastic bottle) line team an opportunity to showcase their success story in improving line performance , thanks to a focus on three core focus; People, Plant, and Process.

The entry was selected for its demonstration of the team to overcome operational inefficiencies process flaws and mechanical issues to improve their targets.

The annual performance of the three PET lines stood at 58 percent and target was a performance level 63%. Thanks to a collaborative approach by the team, allowing the technicians to have ownership of their own areas and by considering and implementing their ideas to address the improvements, the target was exceeded, with results of 65 percent performance.

The team celebrate their win

The team invested in its people through in-house developmental programmes, and most importantly, an empowered team was cultivated, whereby attitude dictates the performance.


Line manager Clare Kilifin explained what the award means to the team;

Sometimes when we are so wrapped up with the day-to-day business, we forget how much we have actually achieved and winning an award like Team of the Year really reinforces how we all work together towards excellence every day Production Manager Clare Kilifin