Our Wider Purpose

We believe what we do matters – to our business and beyond.

In every country in which we operate, we have an impact on the lives of consumers, our employees and communities. This brings a wider responsibility – a wider purpose for our business.

That purpose is to bring togetherness, spread happiness and inspire a better future.

Our purpose motivates our people to make a meaningful contribution – not just to our business but to society as a whole. It expresses our love for our brands, the passion we have for our business, our care for one another and our optimism which keeps our aspirations and expectations high.

  • Togetherness is what defines us – we always stand up for one another, look to bring meaning to our everyday lives and contribute to the greater good of the world
  • Happiness is what we spread with every bottle in the marketplace. Our happiness comes from within and it spreads – to our consumers, customers and partners as we share our love for our brands and our joy in life
  • A better future as, every day, we are inspired to keep giving to our communities so we can grow together towards a sustainable future.