Revive with Magnesium or Zinc, Relax with Lavender or Mint - it all starts with hydration

Revive and Relax (R&R) is a new water range offering hydration plus benefits from the home of Deep RiverRock.

Achieving a record year for sales in 2016, Deep RiverRock has been on a journey of growth and innovation since its introduction to the island of Ireland market in 1994.  Offering an expanding favoured water range, Deep RiverRock recently moved all variants to sugar free with no calories. An increasing range of pack sizes is also available to consumers to aid greater hydration.

Now the popular water brand is launching a new Revive and Relax range, infused with minerals and herbal extracts to help direct the body where it wants to go. With four new products on offer, Deep RiverRock can help to Revive with Magnesium or Zinc and Relax with Lavender or Mint.

The new range supports consumers to achieve balance with a ‘Revive’ offering to help them keep going or stay ahead or a ‘Relax’ offering to help them ‘stay in the mood’ or ‘simply relax’, and it all starts with hydration, thanks to Deep RiverRock’s quality Irish water sourced from the Glens of Antrim. 

Under the ‘Think Straight, HYDRATE’ platform, Deep RiverRock Revive Magnesium, will encourage consumers to ‘start with hydration – and keep going’, enhanced with additional magnesium, to refresh, revive and reduce fatigue*.

Deep RiverRock Revive Zinc, urges consumers to ‘start with hydration – and stay ahead’ and

is enhanced with additional zinc to revive your body while contributing to normal cognitive function*.

Encouraging relaxation, Deep RiverRock Relax Mint is infused with mint extract for a soothing experience. It will help consumers to ‘start with hydration – and stay in the mood’.

Finally, Deep RiverRock Relax Lavender is infused with lavender extract, associated with relaxation. It encourages those in need to ‘start with hydration - and take it easy’.


We are truly excited to expand the Deep RiverRock family with our new Revive and Relax range. With a 42% growth in ‘health and functional’ products and continued water growth, Deep RiverRock, with its strong brand equity, is now ready to respond with a new affordable water with additional benefits. Deep RiverRock Marketing Manager Robert Crabbe

“Aimed at health seekers, aged 25 – 44, the launch of Revive and Relax will be supported by a significant social and digital campaign, extensive sampling at Deep RiverRock’s rugby and running sponsorship platforms, PR support, in addition to a full range of point-of-sale for store.”

With a strong link to parent brand, Deep RiverRock’s Revive and Relax range will pop on shelf with striking red and purple hues in the familiar Deep RiverRock bottle shape. The benefits of each variant will be stated front of pack with the ‘R&R lozenge’ coupled with clear messaging.

The recommended retail price is ROI €1.40 | NI £1.10.


*Revive Magnesium and Revive Zinc each contains 15% of nutrient value added