The new tasty and affordable vegetable & fruit juice drink range that offers a healthy boost on-the-go.

A great way to get your greens into you, or for that matter pinks, oranges and reds as well!

We all know that a diet rich in fruit and vegetables contributes to good overall health - and Vegified wants to make it easier to get that veggie, fruity goodness on the go!

The new delicious, nutritious and affordable vegetable and fruit drink from Vegified is fortified with vitamins – making a healthy boost easier in a busy lifestyle.

With four exciting flavours, the new great tasting Vegified range includes Beetroot & Strawberry; Pumpkin Ginger & Orange; Cucumber & Lime and Bell Pepper & Orange. All varieties contain 30% vegetable and fruit juice, are fortified with vitamins and contain 60 calories or less per 300ml bottle. 

It’s a great way to get your greens into you, or for that matter pinks, oranges and reds as well!

Each bottle of goodness contains six vitamins: Vitamin C, Niacin, B6, B1, Biotin and B12. These essential vitamins are vital to support a healthy immune system, healthy joints, teeth, bones, hair and skin! They contribute to, and support, a good metabolism, while reducing tiredness and fatigue.*


I am so excited to launch Vegified, our new vegetable and juice drink range fortified with vitamins. The evolution of this great tasting range has been a labour of love and I am confident that we have crafted something completely unique for the Irish market, that meets the changing needs of the health conscious Irish consumer and also tastes and looks amazing! Vegified’s Marketing Manager Shane Mc Quaid

“With Vegified, we will speak to those busy health-seekers who want convenient and affordable good-for you products that fit into their busy lifestyles. With every bottle of Vegified jam-packed with vitamins, we’re confident that it will appeal to those wanting to integrate a healthier boost into their diet.” 

The brand’s rustic yet vibrant packaging will jump off shelf, and the product’s ingredients, vitamins and calories will be clearly displayed on bottle, along with colour-coded nutritional labelling.

Vegified will be available in 300ml packs, with an affordable RSP of €1.89/ £1.45.

The delicious range will launch in-store 27th March 2017, supported by full marketing campaign to include OOH, digital, PR, experiential sampling and will be supported by a full suite of impactful displays & equipment in-store. 




*Vegified contains 45% Nutrient Reference Value of 6 key Vitamins per 300ml serving. Vegified should be consumed as part of a varied, balanced diet & healthy lifestyle.