I joined Coca‑Cola HBC because I felt it would be an absolute privilege to work for a business, with a portfolio of products that we all grew up with.

My first impression was the positive atmosphere and culture across the organisation. I was pleasantly surprised to see the easy interactions between every level of the organisation, from the production floor to the general manager. I wasn’t expecting such a positive work environment, within an organisation of this scale.

Not alone does the company offer the opportunity to work with these fantastic global brands, it invests the time, energy and funds into making sure all employees are given every chance to grow and learn. Orla Heffernan, HR BP Support Functions and Organisational Development Manager

The company places huge focus on supporting employees. Employee engagement and well-being initiatives are designed to ensure that employees feel motivated, supported and secure. Coca‑Cola HBC’s employee engagement programme facilitates a culture of fun and recognition in the workplace with events often including family and friends. From a well-being perspective, health screenings, mental health and cancer awareness seminars, and an employee assistance programme, are examples of how Coca‑Cola HBC is committed to caring for its people.  

On a personal note, one of the most positive aspects of my role is the opportunity to work with some fantastic people. Many highly talented and passionate people work within Coca‑Cola HBC and I am delighted to be tasked with supporting them to achieve their career ambitions. We are encouraged to adopt a ‘growth mindset’ here at Coca‑Cola HBC, the belief that anything can be achieved with hard work and perseverance. This is truest in relation to professional development; if you work hard and are eager to learn, opportunities will come your way at Coca‑Cola HBC.