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Smartwater launches new flavours and pack sizes to its range

Coca‑Cola Ireland has excitingly extended the Glacéau Smartwater range.

Following the successful launch of 600ml Glacéau Smartwater into the Republic of Ireland grocery channel in June 2018, along with the continued demand for premium water offerings amongst consumers, Coca‑Cola Ireland has excitingly extended the Glacéau Smartwater range.

The evolution of Glacéau Smartwater sees 600ml Sparkling, 850ml still sport’s cap and two delicious 600ml sparkling flavours; Kiwi & Berry and Green Apple join the portfolio, offering the perfect pick-me-up for busy urbanites who want healthy, stylish hydration on-the-go.

Designed to be different, the Smartwater sparkling flavours feature no sugars, no sweeteners, and no calories. Just a drop of natural fruit flavour with the addition of tiny bubbles to create a lightly carbonated kick, set to tantalise the taste buds. Benefiting from the brands’ bold, simplistic look, the new Kiwi & Berry and Green Apple flavours are set to appeal to young health-conscious shoppers.

The new still 850ml sport’s cap also helps offer those consumers who know and enjoy the crisp, clean taste of Glacéau Smartwater even more hydration and refreshment.

The new Glacéau smartwater 600ml flavours and 850ml bottle are now available from a wide range of outlets including; Supermarkets, independent retailers and key on the go partners in the Republic of Ireland – so there’s no excuse for not picking up a bottle.


About Glacéau Smartwater:

Glacéau Smartwater is the first ever bottled water brand to use a unique method of vapour distillation, using British spring water in its evaporation, condensation, and precipitation process.   A combination of electrolytes is then added (a blend of magnesium, calcium and potassium compounds) resulting in a taste that’s distinctly crisp, clean and fresh.

First introduced in the US in 1996, by 2016 it was one of the top five brands of bottled water in the country. Due its phenomenal success in the US, Glacéau Smartwater launched in GB in 2014 and then eventually in Ireland in 2018.