Deep RiverRock Flavours

All Deep RiverRock flavours are now sugar free with no calories.

Deep RiverRock is passionate about encouraging hydration; offering a great range of convenient, enticing and healthy drinks for enhanced mental and physical performance. Expanding this offering, the latest innovation of the Deep RiverRock flavour range now offers all of its flavour variants sugar-free, with no calories.

In response to consumer feedback, Forest Fruits and Lemon and Lime has relaunched with a new recipe in October 2016, joining Deep RiverRock Strawberry, to offer a full zero sugar range of great tasting flavoured water, all with no calories.

Introduced to the market in 2015, Deep RiverRock Strawberry is the newest variant of the Deep RiverRock flavour range but the first to be introduced with zero sugar. Following its success in the market, Forest Fruits and Lemon & Lime have also now move to a sugar-free, no calorie recipe thanks to a new blend of low calorie sweeteners. 

The new Deep RiverRock sugar-free, no calorie range is available in 500ml and 1.5l packs.