Oasis is a still fruit drink available in four refreshing flavours, each of them sugar free.

The Oasis Zero range is a light and refreshing still juice drink which has seen great success in the market since its launch in 2002. It is available in two flavours; Citrus Punch, a blend of orange, tangerine and lemon, and Summer Fruits, which combines the tastes of apple, strawberry, redcurrant and cherry.

Did you know?

The original Oasis range was reformulated in 2016 to reduce its sugar content, helping our consumers manage their sugar intake.

The Oasis range recently expanded and now includes two Oasis Sour flavours, Kiwi Apple Sour and Cherry Apple Sour, offering consumers a distinctive and refreshing on-the-go juice drink.

The full Oasis range contains no artificial colours and natural flavours only, delivering what our consumers want in a light, refreshing drink.