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We are committed to innovation and reformulation to offer a greater choice of products, in a range of pack sizes, to suit all diets and lifestyles.

We focus on innovating through the products we offer and their ingredients, including expanding our range of reduced and zero-calorie soft drinks and reducing the calorie content of many products in our portfolio.

In many of our markets, adults are a growing segment of our consumer base. We’ve launched several product innovations to make sure we meet their expectations and their increased interest in reducing their sugar and calorie intake.

Across the island of Ireland, we have progressively reformulated a number of our products including Sprite, Lilt and Oasis so they now contain fewer calories than in 2010. This has been a gradual process to enable people to adjust to the reduced sugar content.

We have also recently launched a new and improved Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar, which tastes and looks more like Coca‑Cola Classic. This was the most recent step in our strategy to encourage people to choose no sugar options.

Our commitment to innovation and reformulation has helped us to reduce average calories per litre of our sparkling drinks by 8 percent (2010 - 2015).

Tom Burke Director of Public Affairs and Communications, Coca‑Cola HBC Ireland and Northern Ireland

Expanding our water and juice range

We also offer an extensive range of water and juices under the brands Deep RiverRock and Fruice.

Coca‑Cola HBC owns 100 percent of the Deep RiverRock and Fruice brands.  We continuously invest in innovation of our local water and juice products to enhance our portfolio, offer more choice and meet consumer needs. 

Our aim is to satisfy consumers by providing them with a range of products that suits their lifestyle while contributing to their overall health and wellbeing.  Our portfolio enables consumers to enhance mental and physical hydration with our Deep RiverRock range and get their daily delivery of vitamin C with our Fruice Orange juice.  

We are committed to continuing these investments, to offer increasing options for healthy beverages and develop new products suitable for a variety of occasions. Following our latest reformulation, our entire Deep RiverRock Flavoured Water range - Lemon and Lime, Forest Fruits and Strawberry in both impulse and take home sizes - are now completely sugar-free, with no calories.

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