Our 24/7 portfolio


Our 24/7 portfolio

We produce, market and sell Coca‑Cola, the best-known and biggest-selling soft drink in history. We offer our consumers refreshment through global and local brands in the moments that matter, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Sparkling drinks

As bottling partner to the Coca‑Cola Company across the island of Ireland, Coca‑Cola HBC is proud to produce, market and sell the world’s leading soft drink Coca‑Cola, along with other much-loved global brands Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar, Diet Coke, Fanta and Sprite.

Since 2016, we have launched 33 new low sugar drinks and reduced sugar across 15 more of our drinks, including Fanta and Sprite. Each of our leading brands now has a low or no calorie option.

Tom Burke Director of Public Affairs and Communications, Coca‑Cola HBC Ireland and Northern Ireland

Still drinks

We also offer a growing range of still drinks, the majority of which contain low or no sugar, or have greater benefits like nutrition and hydration. These include our locally produced, fruit juice range Fruice, zero calorie Oasis range, and Powerade, the popular isotonic sports drink. Recent additions to our portfolio also include ready-to-drink tea FuzeTea, and the Honest range of premium still lemonades and ready-to-drink coffees.


Our comprehensive portfolio also includes local water brand, Deep RiverRock, which we produce and sell across the island of Ireland, alongside Glacéau Smartwater, an international premium water brand with added electrolytes.

Energy drinks

The energy category in Ireland and Northern Ireland continues to go from strength to strength and our Monster Energy range has been pivotal to this growth. Monster Original is available across the island, alongside the popular low and no sugar Ultra and Hydro ranges and BPM Zero. Monster also recently launched a new Espresso  range.

An exciting entrant to the energy category in 2019 was Coca‑Cola Energy. Available with or without sugar, Coca‑Cola Energy combines the great Coca‑Cola taste that people know and love with the added energy that our consumers seek.

Adult Mixers

Our offerings also extend to adult mixers which include our core Schweppes range, Schweppes 1783 premium mixer range,  Appletiser, and new Coca‑Cola Signature Mixers, designed and crafted to be paired with premium spirits.

Premium Spirits

As part of our journey to becoming a 24/7 total beverage company, we have also recently expanded into the premium spirits category. Our premium spirits range complements our core still and sparkling soft drinks, helping us to become a one stop shop for our customers by providing the drinks our consumers want on more occasions and in more channels.



Our position across the

island of Ireland in the ‘non-alcoholic

ready to drink’ category

(Nielson IOI July 2019)


Our value share in the

‘non-alcoholic ready-to-drink

category’ (Nielson IOI July 2019)


Our volume share in the

‘non-alcoholic ready-to-drink

category’ (Nielson IOI July 2019)


24/7 Beverage Partner

As a leading bottler and proud partner of The Coca‑Cola Company, our journey to becoming a 24/7 total beverage partner is allowing us to increasingly capture the needs of our consumers on more occasions and in more channels. We are innovating our unique and diverse portfolio to meet every drinking moment around the clock.

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