Adult Mixers

Our core portfolio is complemented by a range of adult mixers, designed to help our consumers enjoy the mixing occasion and drinking experience.

Our mixer ranges include Schweppes, Schweppes 1783 and Coca‑Cola Signature Mixers.

As part of our journey to becoming a 24/7 total beverage partner, we are offering our consumers an increasingly diverse portfolio of beverages as part of the on-trade drinking experience.


The Schweppes mixers range is the most popular branded mixer range in Ireland, with a long and trusted heritage dating back to its creation in 1835. The core range includes Tonic Water, Soda Water, and Bitter Lemon among others.

The Schweppes 1783 super-premium mixer range has been expertly crafted to offer our consumers a luxury drinking experience and includes five innovative flavour combinations, including Cucumber Tonic Water, Salty Lemon Tonic Water and Ginger Ale.

Coca‑Cola Signature Mixers

Coca‑Cola Signature Mixers are an exciting new addition to our portfolio, enhancing the mixing occasion of dark spirits and premium vodka. The specially crafted Coca‑Cola Signature Mixers were conceived by several of the world’s most innovative and accomplished bartenders, who took the familiar flavour of Coca‑Cola and created four truly distinctive and sophisticated mixers to pair with premium spirits.

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