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Deep RiverRock is harnessing the power of community, supporting groups to Thirst for Better

Deep RiverRock is tapping into the heartbeat of communities across the island of Ireland who collectively follow their pursuits and passions - and Thirst for Better. The new platform will support and celebrate groups across the island of Ireland who deepen community bonds, with €150,000 available in funding.

Join Ryan O’Shaughnessy on a journey of self-development with Coca‑Cola HBC’s #YouthEmpowered programme

Eurovision finalist Ryan O'Shaughnessy is calling on young people to sign up for free online business and life skills training and mentoring sessions through the new Digital Hub.

Coca‑Cola Clean Coast Week encourages the nation to 'Do Good' to 'Feel Good'

With hundreds of events and clean-ups planned, ambassadors Kian Egan and Colin Murphy lend their support for this years Coca‑Cola Clean Coast Week, encouraging the nation to play their part in protecting and celebrating the beautiful Irish coastline.

Stefanie Preissner and Pete Snodden Encourage Youth Groups to ‘Leap into Action’ for this years’ Coca‑Cola Thank You Fund

A further €100K in funding available from Coca‑Cola for community projects with ideas to inspire and support young people.

Sprite Goes No Sugar

Sprite has relaunched with a zero-sugar counterpart, replacing the original recipe. It will be joined by a refreshing new Lemon Lime and Cucumber flavour, also with no sugar.

Increasing options for those ‘on-the-go’

The new ‘zero’ flavours to entice consumers include Diet Coke Exotic Mango, Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar Peach, Fanta Pink Grapefruit, Sprite and Sprite Lemon Lime & Cucumber. Coca‑Cola Classic will also be available in smaller, more convenient pack sizes to help people to manage their sugar intake while on-the-go.

Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar offers a significant opportunity for the on-trade

With new 200ml and 330ml Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar glass packs now available for the on-trade, the fastest growing zero sugar brand is primed to capture incremental revenue for the channel.

Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar is now available in all cinemas contracted to Coca‑Cola HBC

Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar is now available in all cinemas throughout the country that are contracted to Coca‑Cola HBC Ireland & Northern Ireland. Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar will also be available in 90% of away from home outlets by the beginning of April.

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