With hundreds of events and clean-ups planned, ambassadors Kian Egan and Colin Murphy lend their support for this years Coca‑Cola Clean Coast Week, encouraging the nation to play their part in protecting and celebrating the beautiful Irish coastline.

With support from musician and TV presenter Kian Egan, and comedian Colin Murphy, Coca‑Cola Clean Coasts Week returns from 1st - 10th June.

The Week aims to encourage the nation to protect and enjoy our coastline, while celebrating the thousands of volunteers across the island of Ireland who tirelessly work to keep our beaches clean year around.

With extensive research showing that the act of ‘doing good’ or giving back to your community can reduce stress, negative feelings and improve overall health - even helping us live longer [1] [2] [3] [4]-  this year’s Coca‑Cola Clean Coasts Week returns with a ‘Do Good, Feel Good’ message.

The campaign will highlight the personal benefits of volunteering, while also reminding the nation of the importance of protecting our coastline for generations to come.

Studies indicate that giving back, or doing something positive for others, can help us to feel fulfilled, energised and more connected to our communities[5].

This is something Coca‑Cola, alongside partners An Taisce and Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful, want to celebrate this summer by creating a wealth of rewarding volunteering opportunities and fun activities, while also reducing the impact of litter on the marine environment.


‘Doing good’ can contribute to greater happiness, with endorphins released into the body following an act of good, activating parts of our brain associated with trust, pleasure and social connection. This happiness increases the chance that we will be altruistic and do good deeds in the future, ultimately creating a positive feedback loop of generosity and joy.[6]

Coca‑Cola Clean Coasts Week offers this opportunity to ‘Do Good’ and ‘Feel Good’, with 300 events taking place around the country from the 1st – 10th June. With beachside yoga, nature walks, seaweed workshops and family activities, there are many opportunities to celebrate the coastline in addition getting involved in the clean-up events taking place.



I’m thrilled to be continuing with the great work of Coca‑Cola Clean Coasts Week to highlight the power of communities coming together and doing good to protect our beautiful island’s coastlines. As a keen surfer, I have always appreciated the positive physical and mental benefits that living along the Standhill coast has brought both me and my family – so I truly hope that everyone gets involved in the many opportunities to connect with the coast and plays their part in protecting it this week. Kian Egan, Coca‑Cola Clean Coasts Week ambassador
As a keen volunteer myself, I have seen the tremendous efforts of the wonderful volunteers at coastlines and waterways up and down our island. Having personally benefitted from getting involved in clean-ups at my local beach Kilclief, Co. Down, I’m encouraging everyone to take stock of their own contribution to keeping our beaches and inland waterways clean and join us this Coca‑Cola Clean Coasts Week at one of the fantastic events happening across Northern Ireland. Colin Murphy, Coca‑Cola Clean Coasts Week ambassador

Matthieu Seguin, General Manager, Coca‑Cola HBC Ireland and Northern Ireland said; “At Coca‑Cola HBC, sustainability lies at the heart of our business. We continually strive to minimise our impact on the environment, with ambitious targets to reduce water, energy, waste and packaging.

“We also believe in a world without waste, and our 15 year-long partnership with the Clean Coasts programmes across the island of Ireland play an important role in that ambition. With the support of our partners An Taisce and Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful, we are keen to do even more in 2018 to champion responsible behaviour with respect to littering and encourage greater recycling.”

Coca‑Cola Clean Coasts Week celebrates the huge efforts of the thousands of volunteers across the island. 2017 was a hugely successful year with more than 3,000 volunteers taking part in activities across the island of Ireland and 16 tonnes of waste collected during the week.  There are many ways to get involved, from taking personal litter home to helping out at a local beach clean event, or becoming more informed at one of the many educational events held around the country.

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