As beverage category market leaders across the island of Ireland, Coca‑Cola HBC Ireland and Northern Ireland is committed to driving sustainable market growth in partnership with our customers, and this starts with our world-class portfolio of beverages.

With an ever-increasing focus on health and wellness in the Irish marketplace, we understand that our consumers, and in turn our customers, seek a greater choice of beverages to suit different diets and lifestyles.

We have recognised this growth and are ready to respond.

Coca‑Cola HBC General Manager, Matthieu Seguin, explains, "We are committed to helping consumers manage their sugar and calorie intake. By reformulating our existing beverages, while preserving the great taste our consumers love, we have already reduced the average calories per litre in our existing portfolio of drinks by 8% between 2010 and 2015.

"We are also committed to innovation. Since 2005, we have launched 18 new low or no calories products into the market, while also expanding our range of pack sizes across the portfolio."

River Rock water - Magnesium, Zinc, Lavender & Mint

Deep RiverRock Revive & Relax

Revive and Relax (R&R) is a new water range offering hydration plus benefits from the home of Deep RiverRock.

Achieving a record year for sales in 2016, Deep RiverRock has been on a journey of growth and innovation since its introduction to the island of Ireland market in 1994.  Offering an expanding flavoured water range, Deep RiverRock recently moved all variants to sugar free with no calories. An increasing range of pack sizes is also available to consumers to aid greater hydration.

Now Deep RiverRock is launching a new Revive and Relax range, infused with minerals and herbal extracts to help direct the body where it wants to go. With four new products on offer, Deep RiverRock can help to Revive with Magnesium or Zinc and Relax with Lavender or Mint.

The new range supports consumers to achieve balance with a ‘Revive’ offering to help them keep going or stay ahead or a ‘Relax’ offering to help them ‘stay in the mood’ or ‘simply relax’, and it all starts with hydration, thanks to Deep RiverRock’s quality Irish water sourced from the Glens of Antrim. 

Vegified Juice Bottles


The new tasty and affordable vegetable & fruit juice drink range from Vegified offers a healthy boost on-the-go. With each of the four variants fortified with six essential vitamins, Vegified will make it easier to get that goodness on the go.

With four exciting flavours, the new great tasting Vegified range includes Beetroot & Strawberry; Pumpkin Ginger & Orange; Cucumber & Lime; and Bell Pepper & Orange. All varieties contain 30% vegetable and fruit juice, are fortified with vitamins and contain 60 calories or less per 300ml bottle.

Each bottle of goodness contains six vitamins: Vitamin C, Niacin, B6, B1, Biotin and B12. These essential vitamins are vital to support a healthy immune system, healthy joints, teeth, bones, hair and skin! They contribute to, and support, a good metabolism, while reducing tiredness and fatigue.**

With our growing water and juice brands, we will continue to offer great refreshment for our consumers, while responding to the health and wellness trends with even more products that offer hydration plus benefits. Tara O'Rourke, Head of Coca‑Cola HBC Brand Marketing, Ireland and Northern Ireland


"With a 42% growth in ‘health and functional’ products, Deep RiverRock, with its strong brand equity, is now ready to respond with a new product in the functional water space that offers hydration plus benefits, and Vegified, our new affordable great tasting fruit and vegetable juice drink, will offer a healthy boost on-the-go,” she concluded. 

Launching into market from the end of March, these products will offer great affordable added-value refreshment to consumers, while supporting incremental revenue sales for retailers.

Both launches will be supported with a suite of shopper marketing, to include vibrant point-of-sale and presence equipment in store, in addition to significant social marketing support. Vegified will also be supported with a burst of out-of-home advertising.