We’re committing to new sustainability targets for 2020, with a vision to inspire a better future for everyone.

On 8 September 2016, Coca‑Cola HBC received the honour of being named world sustainability leader in the beverage industry for the third consecutive year by Dow Jones Sustainability Indices. On the basis of our transparent and consistent sustainability performance, we are now announcing ambitious new sustainability targets.

By 2020 we intend to:

  • Take 40% of the total energy we use from renewable and clean energy sources
  • Recover at least an average of 40% of the packaging we introduce to the market
  • Source 20% of the total PET we use from recycled PET and/or PET from renewable material
  • Reduce packaging by 25% per litre of beverage produced
  • Certify over 95% of our key agricultural ingredients against the Coca‑Cola system’s Sustainable Agricultural Guiding Principles
  • Invest at least 2% of our annual pre-tax profit in communities and
  • Double the number of employees taking part in volunteering initiatives during work time to 10% of our people 

These seven new targets build on the carbon and water commitments we announced last year to reduce water consumption and the direct carbon emission intensity[1] of our company by 30% and 50% respectively by 2020. 

We have always been committed to sustainable operation and the results of our efforts are tangible. We have:

  • Reduced the water we by 2.1 billion litres in the past two years, equivalent to a glass of water for everyone on Earth
  • Reduced the global carbon footprint of our products by 1.07 million tonnes comparable to the total annual greenhouse gas emissions of over 200,000 cars in the past five years by investing in energy efficient and low-carbon technologies
  • Invested €8.2 million – 2.3% of our pre-tax profit – to support community wellbeing, environmental, water stewardship and youth development, partnering with more than 230 NGOs in 2015

These ambitious and measurable targets emphasise our commitment to inspire a better future for everyone.

Mark Haughey, Sustainability Manager, Coca Cola HBC Ireland and Northern Ireland, said that the new targets set will build on the company’s local sustainability achievements: 

“Back in 2010, we set targets for our operations in Ireland and Northern Ireland spanning recycling and waste, energy usage and water conservation. We now contribute zero waste to landfill and have reduced the amount of plastic wrap used around each pallet and case. Carbon emissions per litre of beverage produced have been reduced by 52%, while our water use ratio has fallen by 13%. We have made this progress by making sustainability a consideration that lies at the heart of all strategic business decisions. All functions within the organisation work together, and we also reach out to the wider community to learn from industry partners and share our experiences with them.”


[1] By intensity we mean water consumption and direct carbon emissions per litre of beverage produced, versus 2010.