Ahead of the new Fruice 'No Awkward Bits' campaign, we sat down with juice marketing manager Shane McQuaid

What does the Fruice brand stand for?

Fruice is synonymous with all things juice! It is known for making fun advertising with a tone of voice that doesn't take itself seriously. The brand revels in ‘having the craic’ and is intrinsically Irish. It is fortunate to hold a lot of nostalgia and heritage for Irish consumers, which has been nurtured over many years. As a marketeer, it’s my job to maintain and develop this love of the brand, and stay true to its values.

We know that consumers are increasingly seeking health and wellness, and it’s our role to respond to their needs. This can be challenging in the juice category as it has become increasingly complex! It is important that Fruice cuts through a lot of the noise and offers a simple and easy choice for consumers, with a clear message on its health benefits.

For example, the Fruice Core Juice range includes variants that are 100% Juice or single flavour; the Fruice Fusions Juice Drinks range offers added vitamins and is positioned for young adults; and Fruice Juicy, is a low sugar and calorie juice drink range with added vitamins, which is perfect for kids.

However, to achieve and maintain true brand loyalty, Fruice needs to deliver its health messages in its unique tone of voice, and build an emotional connection with its audience. Humour remains a cornerstone of the brand and is the focus in our latest campaign.


Tell us about Fruice’s latest brand campaign?

We are so excited to introduce a new creative platform for Fruice this year! Our campaign, called ‘Fruice, No Awkward Bits’ draws on the brand’s uniquely Irish personality, and pokes fun at the nation.

The digital advertising campaign draws on the product benefit that Fruice drinks are smooth, with no bits.

Taking this as the core creative idea, the campaign draws inspiration from the fact life doesn’t always run as smoothly as you’d like it to; rather it is typically full of those awkward moments that we all encounter. Whether it’s responding to ‘Happy Birthday’ with ‘You too!’, or giving up your seat on the bus to someone who isn’t actually pregnant, we can all relate to those cringe-worthy moments that we’d sooner forget.

The communications strategy repositions the Fruice brand from a typically intrinsic-based message (‘Your Daily Delivery of vitamin C’) to an extrinsic message, based on building affinity for the brand’s personality to build an emotional connection between Fruice and the consumer.


Our core creative content plays out these awkward bits of life in a humorous way, and positions Fruice as the antidote to these ‘smooth, real smooth’ moments. Shane McQuaid, Juice Marketing Manager

What is your vision for success for the campaign?

 It has been five years since we’ve invested this significantly in the brand, and our latest campaign is a fantastic opportunity to reignite brand love in Fruice across the nation.

In addition to creating that emotional connection with consumers, the digital marketing campaign has massive talk-ability across social media in particular. Fruice will spark a conversation about those ‘awkward bits’ in everyone’s life, creating a deeper connection to the brand among consumers.

Ultimately our goal is to reposition Fruice in the minds of shoppers, breaking down the typical norms of the juice category and create cut-through for the Fruice message. Building this brand awareness and relevance will be a significant first steps towards delivering market growth in 2019.


What marketing activities and channels will you utilise to achieve this vision?

Running from March to year end, the campaign will be supported across key communications touchpoints namely; video-on-demand, out-of-home, digital, and radio partnership. We will also bring the ‘awkward moment’ to life through experiential and in-store activations, with a particular focus on the ‘at-work’ and grocery channels, and in cafes.

This is also the first fully integrated campaign for Fruice that will communication on-pack across the core Fruice 330ml range of Orange, Apple & Cranberry.

The on-pack offer, which runs from May to end of July, is driven by a QR code that leads the consumer to a microsite where they can share their own awkward stories. Every entry is in with a chance to win a smooth aspirational prize or smaller weekly tech items.