Sprite has relaunched with a zero-sugar counterpart, replacing the original recipe. It will be joined by a refreshing new Lemon Lime and Cucumber flavour, also with no sugar.

Coca‑Cola is unveiling refreshing changes to Sprite across Ireland and Northern Ireland. The new line-up sees the replacement of the original Sprite from the market with its zero sugar counterpart now known simply as Sprite. Complementing this, a new Lemon Lime and Cucumber flavour, also no sugar, is now available to consumers.

The decision to replace original Sprite with its no sugar alternative comes after taste tests consistently showed that people rated the no sugar recipe as highly as the original.

Sprite drinkers now have the choice between two no sugar recipes: one based on the original recipe, the second a new exciting Lemon Lime and Cucumber taste.

Both drinks are available now and come with a new fresh identity that embraces Sprite’s original look while emphasising its natural flavours. 

Ireland follows the tastes of our consumers. Our taste tests consistently told us that our consumers rated the no sugar Sprite as high as the original recipe. As our consumers also tell us that they are trying to reduce the amount of sugar in their diets, we decided to replace the original Sprite with the no sugar option. Matthieu Seguin, General Manager Coca‑Cola HBC Ireland & Northern Ireland

”They can now choose the same great Sprite taste with no sugar or can select the exciting new natural flavour drink, Lemon Lime and Cucumber.

“Our zero sugar Sprite has grown significantly in recent years. Consumers clearly want more no sugar drinks and we are providing them with the same great taste of Sprite with new choices. We are confident that these decisions will reward loyal Sprite drinkers while also appealing to those people who are looking for something new.”

Sprite will support the launch of the new line-up and look with a major out-of-home, online video, and digital media campaign. In addition there will be nationwide sampling and in-store promotions.