Local operations across the island of Ireland are also on track to achieve 2020 sustainability goals

We are delighted to announce that our parent-group Coca‑Cola HBC, a leading bottler of The Coca‑Cola Company, was named sustainability leader in the beverage industry by the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices assessment for a fourth consecutive year.

Following a robust sustainability performance in 2016, particularly in the areas of labour practices, strategy for emerging markets, health and nutrition, and across the environmental dimension, we  achieved a total score of 90, which is 38 points higher than the industry average.

Coca‑Cola HBC serves approximately 600 million consumers across 28 established, developing and emerging markets on three continents. During the year, Coca‑Cola HBC continued to focus on minimising its environmental impact further and driving positive change in collaboration with its partners by developing a sustainable value chain and supporting the communities to enhance their overall wellbeing.

Building on the improvements made in previous years, the amount of water used across the group to produce a litre of beverage declined by 3%  in 2016. The energy use ratio also declined by 5%, meaning that the company needs less energy to produce a litre of beverage. The equivalent of 37% of total packaging placed on the marketplace was recovered for recycling in 2016.

As a key developed market within the 28 country group, our Ireland and Northern Ireland business places equal focus on maintaining a strong track record across these areas, and we are on track to achieve our 2020 commitments in water, waste and energy reduction, while contributing to the Group targets.

Our 2016 Highlights
At Coca‑Cola HBC Ireland and Northern Ireland, sustainability is at the heart of our business and we hold ourselves accountable to deliver against an ambitious set of targets. An important part of our sustainability agenda is our commitment to minimise our impact on the environment and we are very proud that our achievements contribute to the Group goals and have been recognised by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. Matthieu Seguin, General Manager of Coca‑Cola Hellenic Ireland & Northern Ireland

“In 2010, we set ambitious 2020 targets in the areas of water, waste and energy, and we are happy to report that some of these have already been achieved, with the rest on track to be delivered ahead of schedule. We are committed to continuing to reach the targets set by us as a company for 2020, while continuing to add value to local communities.” 

Other Achievements