Coca‑Cola has launched ‘Our Way Forward’, a new report outlining the company’s long-term business strategy across the globe and the specific actions being taken in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

As a business, Coca‑Cola wants to offer the right portfolio of beverages to satisfy evolving consumer needs. We know that consumers want to manage their sugar intake and that not everyone drinks sparkling soft drinks. That’s why we are leading with a suite of plans – both inside and outside the bottle.

Coca‑Cola already sells more low and no-sugar soft drinks across the island of Ireland than any other company. However, we are committed to doing more.

This involves both reducing sugar and calories across many of our brands, while also making low- and no-calorie drinks the easy choice through our ‘hero zero’ strategy.

We are also committed to offering transparent information about our drinks and remain invested in playing a value adding role in communities across the island of Ireland.

Coca-Cola - inside the and outside the bottle
Our 'Inside and Outside the bottle' Strategy

Inside the bottle

Globally Coca‑Cola is reducing sugar in more than 200 of its sparkling drinks. Our ‘Inside the Bottle’ strategy is shaped around reducing sugar, evolving recipes and expanding drinks portfolio.


Our plans ‘Inside the bottle’ are focused on our drinks. It highlights what we’re doing to reduce sugar, evolve our recipes and bring exciting different drinks to the marketplace in order to offer consumers the drinks they want. Coca‑Cola HBC’s Public Affairs and Communications Director Louise Sullivan

“Product innovation also remains a focus, as we evolve existing recipes and introduce different drinks with benefits such as nutrition and hydration.”

Recent product innovations across the island of island market have included Coca‑Cola Zero Cherry, Coca‑Cola Zero Vanilla, and local brands Vegified and the Deep RiverRock Revive and Relax functional water range


Outside the bottle

Coca‑Cola has the fastest growing non-sugar portfolio in the market, and this category is being driven by the success of Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar and Fanta Zero.

This isn’t happening by accident.

Louise explains; “Our ‘Outside the bottle’ strategy refers to the actions we are taking to ensure that our consumers have the information they need to make the choices that are right for them.

“In addition to simply offering greater choice, we are evolving our sales and marketing approach to make low and no-sugar versions of our drinks the easier choice for consumers. This approach is referred to as our ‘Hero Zero’ strategy.”

This strategy is working. Currently 43 percent of all cola sold across the island of Ireland has no sugar. With a continued emphasis on promoting ‘zero’, this will increase to 55 percent or greater by 2020.

Furthermore, more than 28 new drinks with less or no sugar have been launched since 2005 and this pipeline of innovation and reformulation continues. By 2018, more than 60 percent of our sales volume will be made up of products containing less than 5g of sugar per 100ml.


  • 43% of all cola sold across the island of Ireland has no sugar
  • 28 new drinks with less or no sugar have been launched since 2005

Coca‑Cola is also committed to providing transparent information about its drinks. Across the island of Ireland, we were the first company to introduce colour-coded nutritional information on the front of our packs, giving consumers an easy-to-understand overview of the ingredients in our drinks, at a glance.

Coca‑Cola also diligently follows its long-standing global Responsible Marketing Policy, and does not market to children under the age of 12 anywhere in the world.


Download the report here.