The #YouthEmpowered programme by Coca‑Cola HBC is designed to give young people access to the life and business skills they need to transition into work. It aims to improve employment prospects through access to employability workshops based training, online content and mentoring support.

Now in its second year, the #YouthEmpowered programme seeks to support those aged 18-30 across Ireland and Northern Ireland who are not in education, employment or training with the skills and confidence to aim high and make their goals a reality. 

With 460 young people benefitting from classroom training sessions in 2017, this year also sees the introduction of the new Digital Hub, offering e-learning courses to equip job seekers with essential skills to succeed. It is the ambition of Coca‑Cola HBC that 750 young people in total will benefit from the programme in 2018, through both live workshops and the new online training.

The #YouthEmpowered Digital Hub provides fundamental life and business skills for young people, including courses in financial literacy, time management, project management, business, negotiation and sales skills. Young people can also embark on self-development courses, discover what career is the best fit for their personality and learn more about relationship and communication skills.

Coca‑Cola HBC General Manager Matthieu Seguin speaking to a group of recent #YouthEmpowered graduates

In addition to the new Digital Hub, Coca‑Cola HBC is also expanding the number of classroom-based workshops in 2018 in partnership with Fastrack Into IT (FIT) and Youth Action Northern Ireland, with 30 workshop taking place in locations throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The programme will be delivered in partnership with Fastrack to IT (FIT) with the support of Business in the Community Northern Ireland. 

A substantial investment has been made to develop a curriculum which is designed to help remove the barriers that exist for young people between the ages of 18 and 30 who have left the formal education system but who have been unable to secure or retain employment.

There are a core set of life skills, not something taught through the educational system, that can often hold the key to helping ensure future success for these young people. These life skills, together with basic business understanding, are delivered in the first two modules of the Youth Empowered programme. The life skills module, named ‘Me & Others’, focuses on improving self-knowledge and basic psychology. The business skills modules cover key competencies including project management and financial literacy, under the heading ‘Me & the workplace’.

Youth Coaches from Coca‑Cola HBC Ireland and Northern ireland

Over 40 employees from Coca‑Cola HBC will also lend their support to the programme as Youth Coaches; sharing personal experiences about their own journey to meaningful employment, career guidance and business insights.

Young people interested in embarking on a journey of self-development and discovery in the Digital Hub can register now at

About the programme

#YouthEmpowered focuses on two key areas – Life Skills and Business Skills – as employers today require young people to be quick learners and integrate smoothly into the workplace with an understanding of self and the commercial environment. 

The programme will be delivered in two formats, in-person classroom based training and a new Digital Hub available as a resource online.

The programme is developed and delivered in partnership with Fastrack In to IT (FIT), with the support of YouthAction Northern Ireland. A substantial investment has been made to develop a curriculum which is designed to help remove the barriers that exist for young people between the ages of 18 and 30 who have left the formal education system but who have been unable to secure or retain employment.

Life skills

"Me and others”

Life Skills will help participant recognise and develop the skills they have, helping them to make better career choices, building confidence, boosting their employability and help them stand out from the competition.

Life Skills Modules

  • Identify your skills: Understand self, own strengths and developmental opportunities
  • Interacting with others: Confidence and ability to interact with others
  • Dealing with Feedback: Listening learning to take and act on feedback
  • Build a strong CV: Show your best self with by communicating your own strengths and achievements
Business skills

"Me and the workplace”

Business Skills will improve participant knowledge of core work competences, helping them to adjust to the business environment more smoothly

Business Skills Modules

  • Business Planning: Set goals and plans to achieve them.
  • Financial Literacy: Understand how to read numbers.
  • Project Management: effectively execute a plan.
  • Sales & Negotiation Skills: Sell products & services, ideas and get desired valued in return for offer product, service, idea.
  • Time Management: Managing time and objectives to reach a successful self and other satisfaction

The #YouthEmpowered programme will be fully supported by Coca‑Cola HBC mentors who will pass on their valuable first-hand experiences, about work, business and life, offering support to participants during the programme.

Programme duration

The workshop session takes place over two days.

The online hub offers short training courses and mentoring as needed. 

Who can participate?

#YouthEmpowered is designed to support young people aged 18-30, focusing on those who are not in education, employment or training.

 The programme is free of charge and available for all online at 

Interested in the workshop training?

If you would like to find out more or apply for #YouthEmpowered workshop training please contact:


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