Driving forward our reformulation agenda with the re-launch of Fanta with reduced sugar

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Driving forward our reformulation agenda with the re-launch of Fanta with reduced sugar

A new spiral bottle and logo is unveiled for Fanta, as the reduced sugar recipe marks a further step in Coca‑Cola's commitment to reduce sugar from its portfolio in Ireland by 10% by 2020.

Fanta will be revamped in inside and outside the bottle in Ireland this summer as the world’s fourth-largest beverage brand reduces its sugar content by one-third and unveils an innovative new spiral bottle and logo.

Rolling out in shops this month, the relaunched brand will have a reduced-sugar recipe but will retain the same great taste that has been popular with Irish consumers since 1963. Total sugar content in the new Fanta will be reduced by 33%. It will also have a new spiral bottle, visual identity and logo.

The launch of the new reduced sugar Fanta is part of a wider sugar reduction programme by the Coca‑Cola Company across its wide drinks portfolio. Coca‑Cola has driven innovation in its product development and invested in the reformulation of much loved drinks in order to deliver the great taste that consumers know and love but with less sugar.

Responding to the changing needs and demands of consumers Coca‑Cola is the leading provider of low and no sugar drinks in the market, selling more low and no sugar beverages in Ireland than any other company. Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar and Fanta Zero are now the fastest growing brands in the no sugar beverage category in the country.

Coca‑Cola has consistently been ahead of the industry on offering more choice to consumers through the addition of new brands and products and in the reformulation of existing products. The company continues to reduce sugar, evolve recipes and develop new drinks to meet consumers range of tastes and to offer as much choice as possible. The commitment and focus to respond to changing tastes means that by 2020 the Coca‑Cola portfolio will have 10% less sugar than now.

The relaunch of Fanta follows the the launch of Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar in September 2016 and Oasis Zero launched just last month. Further low and zero sugar drinks and recipes will be unveiled throughout 2017 and 2018.

Petre Sandru

"In Ireland Fanta is a fan favorite that has been loved for many years. With renewed focus and investment in marketing, we have the opportunity to introduce even more people to this fun, iconic brand. This begins with the product itself. We are committed to delivering the same great taste of Fanta while at the same time helping consumers reduce their sugar intake."

Petre Sandru Country Manager, Coca-Cola Ireland

The brand has also evolved its look outside the bottle, introducing a new logo and graphics. The new Fanta Spiral Bottle has been redesigned as an asymmetric PET bottle with a “twist” that delivers an eye-catching on-shelf display.

The new bottle, logo, and reduced-sugar Fanta will be supported by a major marketing campaign in Ireland throughout summer 2017. This will include outdoor and online advertising promoting the new bottle, and an exciting new social media campaign.

Fanta will also be partnering with radio station Spin 1038 to support Sandstorm 2017, a series of 5km adventure obstacle courses taking place on beaches in Dublin, Kerry, and Tramore over the summer. Sandstorm perfectly matches the fun, energy, and enjoyment that Fanta brings and is the ideal event to promote the new spiral bottle and logo.