1. Gender pay gap report

2. Coca-Cola HBC Ireland Ltd – UK Tax Strategy

3. Water stewardship policy

4. Union of European Beverage Associates (UNESDA) commitments

5. Tax policy

6. Supplier guiding principles

7. Risk policy

8. Quality & food safety policy

9. Premium spirits responsible marketing policy

10. Packaging waste and recycling policy

11. Occupational health & safety policy

12. Human rights policy

13. HIV / Aids policy

14. Health & wellness policy

15. Genetically modified organism (GMO) position statement

16. Fleet safety policy

17. Equality of opportunity policy

18. Climate change policy

19. Anti-bribery policy and compliance handbook

20. Coca‑Cola HBC Code of Business Conduct

21. Coca‑Cola Bottlers (Ulster) Ltd Staff Pension Scheme 

22. Coca‑Cola Bottlers (Ulster) Ltd  Management Pension Scheme 

23. Coca‑Cola HBC Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement 2021

24. Coca-Cola Hellenic (Northern Ireland) Pension Plan Chairs Statement

25. Coca-Cola Hellenic (Northern Ireland) Pension Plan Statement of Investment Principles

26. Coca-Cola Hellenic (Northern Ireland) Pension Plan Implementation Statement

27. Signing with Docusign

28. Coca-Cola Bottlers (Ulster) Ltd Staff Pension Scheme Engagement Policy Implementation Statement

29. Coca-Cola Bottlers (Ulster) Ltd Management Pension Scheme Engagement Policy Implementation Statement

30. Coca-Cola HBC IOI Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale November 2021.

31. Coca‑Cola HBC Northern Ireland and Ireland Environmental Policy