What you’ll experience

Working within a high-performance sales team, you will apply your skills and best FMCG practices to bring iconic brands to the market. Through interaction and collaboration with our diverse customers, you will achieve competitive results with a win-win outcome.
With on the job mentoring and our CCHBC Sales academy, you and your colleagues will be
challenged and motivated to constantly improve your sales skills, to ensure you
grow - exploiting your potential to the fullest.

What makes you a successful leader?

You’re devoted and passionate about empowering your teams to grow, become the best they can be and deliver remarkable results. Leaders can grow in various ways, but those who enjoy working at Coca‑Cola HBC are…

Typical selection process


After understanding that your profile and CV

might be a good match for the position, we

would have a brief initial conversation with

you to get to understand your interest in the

role and your qualifications.


If we both agree to proceed, you’ll be invited

to participate in an In-basket and/or role play

experience that simulates a business

environment, requiring you to make

leadership decisions. After this you will have

an interview with your future Line Manager.

This experience helps us as well as you to

learn more about your skills and approach

and their match with the role you might take.


In the final stage you might have

conversations with group of stakeholders that

will be working with you, all to understand

how well will can work and grow together.

Coca Cola Picture Conor McCabe Photography Coca Cola Picture Conor McCabe Photography

Shelly O’Neill’s story

“Coca‑Cola HBC encourages its employees to embrace differences and to learn from each other”

Shelly O’Neill, E2020 Manager