Coca-Cola HBC Ireland & Northern Ireland At a Glance

Coca‑Cola HBC at a glance

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We’re a partner of The Coca‑Cola Company

Coca‑Cola HBC (Coca‑Cola Hellenic Bottling Company) is a bottling partner of The Coca‑Cola Company. This means that The Coca‑Cola Company manufactures and sells concentrates, bases and syrups to its bottling partners, owns the brands and is responsible for consumer brand marketing initiatives. We use the concentrates and syrups to manufacture, package, merchandise and distribute the final branded products to our trade partners and consumers. 

One of the world’s largest bottlers

Selling more than 2 billion unit cases every year – that’s 50 billion servings – we’re one of the world’s largest bottlers of The Coca‑Cola Company’s brands.







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Our roots across the island of Ireland

Our business has a strong heritage across Ireland and Northern Ireland and has been refreshing local consumers for over 75 years.

Our largest operation on the island of Ireland is Coca‑Cola HBC Northern Ireland Limited, located in our Knockmore Hill plant in Lisburn, Co. Antrim. This facility employs over 550 staff to produce, distribute, market and sell a wide range of soft drinks. Our portfolio includes international brands such as Coca‑Cola, Fanta, Sprite and Schweppes, as well as local brands such as Deep RiverRock and Fruice.

Our headoffice, Coca‑Cola HBC Ireland Limited is located in Huntstown Business Park, Ballycoolin, Dublin 11 with a staff of more than 300 in the Republic of Ireland and 450 in Northern Ireland.

As a major employer across the island of Ireland and a global brand, we are proud to contributing more than £10 million to the local economy through our supply chain.


Number of employees across

the island of Ireland



The year we introduced Coca‑Cola

to the island of Ireland


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sold across the country

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A broad geographic footprint

The Coca‑Cola HBC group operates from Ireland in the west to the Pacific coast of Russia in the east, from the Arctic Circle in the north to the tropics of Nigeria in the south.

Press Eye - Coca Cola HBC - 17th May 2019
Photograph by Declan Roughan Press Eye - Coca Cola HBC - 17th May 2019
Photograph by Declan Roughan

Leading brands and a diverse portfolio

We bottle, sell and distribute the world’s most recognised soft drink: Coca‑Cola. Along with Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite and Fanta, also licensed to us by The Coca‑Cola Company, these are some of the world’s best-selling non-alcoholic ready-to drink beverages.

With our porfolio of local water and juice brands Deep RiverRock and Fruice, along with still drinks Nestea and energy drinks Monster and BPM, we offer a strong partnership for our customers and provide great choice for consumers.