Coca-Cola's Award-Winning Visitor Experience

Coca‑Cola's award-winning Visitor Experience

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Explore, learn and have fun discovering the history of the number one soft drink in Ireland and across the globe.

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This popular tourism attraction is situated inside our manufacturing plant on Lissue Road, Lisburn, offering visitors the opportunity to explore and learn about the past, present and future of some of world’s most popular soft drinks and providing an insight into one of the island’s leading businesses, Coca‑Cola HBC.

With portals to view manufacturing floor; a Heritage Theatre with an old American-style cinema atmosphere; and an educational interactive zone, the Visitor Experience has attracted more than 80,000 visitors since opening its doors nearly ten years ago.


In 2019, the Coca Cola Visitor Experience was once again awarded four-star accreditation from the NI Tourism Board for the 5th year in a row for our offering as an ‘excellent’ visitor attraction.

Stuart McCrum Public Affairs and Communications Co-ordinator and Visitor Experience Manager
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Contributing to the achievement of the four-star status, the Coca‑Cola Visitor Experience has been continuously refreshed in recent years to include several new exhibitions that reflect the recent investments by the brand and business. In 2017, a further refurbishment of our Gallery Tour brought a fresh look and feel to the entire experience which now includes a 'Sustainability Wall', outlining the company's achievements in minimising its impact on the environment; a 3D Blowing Hall, which explains the method for creating our bottles; and a 'Concentrate' station with opportunities to smell Coca‑Cola's famous syrup mixture containing its secret ingredient.

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During 2019 a large investment was put into the Interactive Zone, providing a more hands-on learning experience into the magic behind the world’s best loved soft drink. The Interactive Zone offers an opportunity for visitors to learn more about Coca‑Cola HBC’s leadership in terms of sustainability and the many initiatives that are ran to support local communities. The investment during 2019 also saw the installation of more interactive activities, including a ‘bottle grabber’ machine and an ‘innovation station’, where visitors are invited to taste new products.

The Coca‑Cola Visitor Experience is FREE of charge and a great learning experience for all ages, so be sure to book your visit today.