Business Developers

Business developers

What you’ll experience

Working within a high-performance sales team, you will apply your skills and best FMCG practices to bring iconic brands to the market. Through interaction and collaboration with our diverse customers, you will achieve competitive results with a win-win outcome.
With on the job mentoring and our CCHBC Sales academy, you and your colleagues will be
challenged and motivated to constantly improve your sales skills, to ensure you
grow - exploiting your potential to the fullest.

What makes you a successful Business Developer?

You prefer field to office work and are passionate about what you do, always thirsty for self-improvement and professional development. You don’t need to have a university degree or the same experience, but some skills and values are important…

Typical selection process


Apply for the role and if your profile

meets the standard requirements,

we’d like to get to know a bit more

about you through a quick phone interview.


Through tailored and standardised

questionnaires, tools, role plays or

group exercises, you will learn

more about yourself and we’ll

learn more aboutyour profile and

skills, to understand if your

combination of special ingredients

could make you

a successful Business Developer.


Finally, you’ll have a

one-on-one interview

to see if we’re the perfect

match, and if we

share the same values

and culture.

donal donal

Donal’s story

"Coca‑Cola HBC is a driven organisation that sets high standards for its employees."

Donal O'Connor, Market Developer