Management Trainee

Management Trainee

What you’ll experience in the 2-year RISE program

RISE blends your unique qualities with a tailored development approach,
providing you with the opportunity to continuously learn and grow. This is a dynamic and multifunctional role designed to provide incredible opportunities which involve working with our top leaders and will directly impact our business. Accelerate your journey in business by learning from our international trainee community and push yourself to RISE into our next generation of leaders.

What makes you a successful Business Developer?

You prefer field to office work and are passionate about what you do, always thirsty for self-improvement and professional development. You don’t need to have a university degree or the same experience, but some skills and values are important…

Typical selection process


Apply for the role and if your profile meets

the standard requirements, we’ll ask you to

complete some online questionnaires and

tests to help better understand your thinking,

before we have a short call with you to learn

about your motivation and ambition.


Through a tailored set of tools for this programme,

including a group exercise, individual challenge

exercise and a presentation, we’ll get to know

more about your skills and how they could

help you become a successful Management

Trainee and later a leader in our organisation.



Finally, you’ll have a face-to-face interview with our HR team and

the leaders from the department where you’ll start your amazing

journey. Here, we’ll see how well can work together to uplift your

career, and if you have the potential to grow into one of our future


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Zoe’s story

"There was no typical day on the Management Trainee programme which I found very exciting. Every day I am eager to come to work and to make an impact to the wider business."