Plants and Processes

Plants and processes

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Knockmore Hill Plant

Operating since 2008, our state-of-the-art facility at Knockmore Hill Lisburn, Co. Antrim, serves the entire island of Ireland market.

As a result of a £93.5m investment, our manufacturing plant at Knockmore Hill in Lisburn, Co. Antrim opened its doors in 2008 and the 50,000 square metre facility set new standards in sustainable manufacturing. We currently employ more than 450 people at this Lisburn base.

Our plant is a great source of pride for us and we are committed to constant development and improvement both for our plant and for our people, always striving towards best practice locally and within Coca Cola HBC. The versatility of our operation and the skills of our people allow us to be innovators and respond quickly to our customers’ requirements.

In 2015, almost 34 million cases of product were produced in our facility. We have three lines dedicated to producing PET bottles, one canning line and one glass line.

We also produce two sizes of ‘postmix’ for fast food outlets and cinemas. Many of the raw materials that go into our products are from local suppliers, some less than 10 miles from our factory.

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"97 percent of everything we sell across the island of Ireland is manufactured at our plant in Knockmore Hill."

Kieran Given, Plant Manager

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We have invested in a number of processes to minimise our impact on the environment and improve business efficiency.

Our production process starts with syrup, concentrate or beverage base. Once mixed with water, our finished products are packaged in a variety of plastic (PET), glass bottles, cans and cartons.

Customers and consumers expect our products to be consistently high quality, and we aim to meet and exceed their expectations.

Our commitment to sustainability is also embedded to the core of our business strategy and plays an integral role in our day-to-day activities at Knockmore Hill. 

These commitment is underpinned by the international standard ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 as well as by our own Quality and Food Safety policy and the global standards of The Coca‑Cola Company.

We monitor production processes closely and have sophisticated control equipment and testing programmes for key stages of the process. For example, electronic bottle inspection equipment is installed on all refillable bottling lines which can identify even the tiniest irregularity in a product.

Here are some of the modern processes we use at our Knockmore Hill plant.

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Combined Heat and Power

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants are cleaner and more efficient than conventional power plants, and our CHP unit at Knockmore Hill has played a key part in our carbon-reduction strategy. 

This on-site CHP unit supplies all the heating, cooling and electricity needs of our plant, and we have reduced carbon emissions by 65 percent as a result of its implementation. 

Coca‑Cola HBC was the first in the beverage industry to implement the Combined Heat & Power (CHP) technology. We have committed to build 15 CHP units in twelve countries and have built 12 to date. 

The European Commission named our Combined Heat and Power (CHP) programme an Official Partner of the Sustainable Energy Europe campaign, which is a great honour and achievement for us.