"We're immensely proud of the economic and social value that Coca‑Cola HBC creates on the island of Ireland."

"We're immensely proud of the economic and social value that Coca‑Cola HBC creates on the island of Ireland."

Marking the 80th anniversary of Coca‑Cola on the island of Ireland, Gillian Shields shares an insights into the company's social and economic impact.

At Coca‑Cola HBC we operate in 28 countries, but because of the local nature of the business, we are in the unique position to contribute to the economic vitality of both Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Gillian Shields Packaging and Sustainability Manager

"Our local business stimulates job creation and wider economic benefit throughout our value chain. We contribute to the economic success of the community by employing local people; paying taxes to governments; paying suppliers for goods, services and capital equipment; and supporting community investment programs.

"Our story is told in an independent study on the economic impact of our business led by Grant Thornton. The findings powerfully demonstrate the added value created every time a consumer chooses our products and is based on the “input-output” model from the Ulster University Economic Policy Centre. The impact is felt in all sectors: from production, packaging and local producers and suppliers, to marketing and product distribution in wholesale and retail. 


Total Value Added


Total Wages


Direct, indirect and induced jobs created through our value chain 

"The total added value is more than €207million, therefore, every €1 of direct added value contributes €0.33 to the island of Ireland economy. Our System supports 3,767 direct, indirect and induced jobs – as 1 direct job supports 3 more – in total, a wages income of €131million.

"Following an initial €93.5m investment in our Knockmore Hill Manufacturing site in Co. Antrim, we have continued to grow and develop our business, investing approximately €20million in the last 3 years and plans for a further €9.3million capital investments in 2020.

"Our successful legacy in Ireland and Northern Ireland is built upon our deep commitment to growing our business in a way that placing corporate responsibility at the heart of our everything we do.

"Locally there are a range of wider benefits that flow from Coca‑Cola HBC which contribute to the social landscape in Northern Ireland and Ireland. We make contributions to youth programmes, environmental initiative and local community activities which Grant Thornton have place a conservative social impact value of over €1.4million.

"In the area of Youth Development, we partner with YouthAction Northern Ireland and Youth Work Ireland to deliver our #YouthEmpowered programme. Launched in 2017, #YouthEmpowered has supported over 1,500 young people aged 18-30 across Ireland and Northern Ireland not in education, employment or training with developing the skills and confidence to improve their employment prospects through access to employability workshops-based training, online content and mentoring support.

Coca‑Cola HBC also takes proactive measures in environment stewardship and have proudly partnered with An Taisce and Keep Northern Ireland on the Coca‑Cola Clean Coast Week for more than a decade. In 2019, the programme saw 27 tonnes of litter removed from the Irish coastline, thanks to 5,450 volunteers taking part in more than 250 events and clean-ups, all of which is helping make a positive difference in people’s lives.