Deep RiverRock and Lidl Ireland partner with Repak Team Green to support recycling at the National Ploughing Championships

Deep RiverRock and Lidl Ireland partner with Repak Team Green to support recycling at the National Ploughing Championships

Five euro will be donated to youth mental health charity Jigsaw for every bag of bottles or cans recycled

Deep RiverRock and Lidl Ireland share a commitment to sustainable communities, and with the support of Repak Team Green, we have come together to encourage greater recycling at the upcoming National Ploughing Championships.

This year, the National Ploughing Championship will run from 17th – 19th September in Fenagh, Co. Carlow and organisers are introducing a segregated waste collection system and greater recycling infrastructure, in line with this year’s theme of ‘sustainability’.

To support this, with Lidl Ireland we will host an innovative Team Green Recycling Machine at the popular Lidl stand (Block 4 Row 34 Stand 677) to collect and compact all bottles and cans for recycling. In a further incentive to attendees, Repak will donate €5 to Lidl Ireland’s charity partner, Jigsaw, the National Centre for Youth Mental Health, for every bag of bottles and cans collected over the three-day event.

The Team Green Recycling Machine is just one element of Repak’s ongoing campaign to encourage the nation to recycle one additional piece of plastic each week, which will help to improve plastic recycling rates and reduce litter. The machines have been successfully piloted in a number of high footfall locations in recent months including various third level colleges.

Both Deep RiverRock and Lidl Ireland have recently made some significant changes to improve their sustainability credentials, and are proud to be hosting the machine at the Ploughing this year as part of ongoing efforts to support better recycling.

In May, we announced that Deep RiverRock has become the first major water brand on the island of Ireland to produce a 100% recycled bottle range. Deep RiverRock’s bottles have always been 100% recyclable, but our recent investment in recycled PET will further support a circular economy, keeping resources in use for as long as possible.

Deep RiverRock has also ‘recycled’ its logo on all bottles with an impactful ‘100% Recycled Bottle’ message front-of-pack. The move aims to inspire more responsible disposal of waste and greater recycling among consumers and it is supported by recycling messages which have been integrated on the bottle cap and across its TV advertising.


"We were so proud to be the first major water brand to introduce a 100% recycled bottle range across the island this year, and we are committed to championing greater recycling, on-pack, in our advertising and in partnership with our customers. We’re delighted to partner with Lidl Ireland and Team Green to support recycling at the much-loved Ploughing Championships this year. It is also a fantastic opportunity to spread this important message to the hundreds of thousands of attendees over the three-day event."

Hilary Hughes Deep RiverRock Marketing Manager

Lidl Ireland is equally as committed to supporting recycling efforts and was the first Irish retailer to offer recycling stations in its stores to reduce packaging waste bought in-store. Since May, Lidl Ireland has introduced segregated recycling stations at the end of customer checkouts in all its 162 stores across Ireland. 



"We are delighted to be the first Irish retailer to introduce recycling stations in store. We also recently announced the introduction of reusable bags for loose fruit and veg for our customers by the end of September. These initiatives mark the latest step on our journey to tackle the important issue of packaging waste. We have already implemented several plastic waste reduction initiatives such as ending the sale of many single use plastic items and the removal of unrecyclable black plastics from numerous categories across our range. We’re proud to be leading the Irish retail sector in implementing sustainable initiatives that benefit our environment, our communities and our customers. We’re delighted to partner with Deep RiverRock and Repak Team Green to reduce packaging waste at this year’s Ploughing Championships."

Deirdre Ryan Head of CSR, Lidl Ireland