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Introducing our 24/7 beverage portfolio

Brands and campaigns

We have an ambition to be the leading 24/7 beverage partner across the island of Ireland; offering a drink for every occasion, around the clock. We have an expanding portfolio of more than 20 brands, including Coca-Cola, the best-known and biggest selling soft drink in history.


as one of the world's largest bottles for The Coca-Cola Company, we are devoted to growing every customer and delighting every consumer around the clock.


The Coca‑Cola System introduces innovative KeelClip™ packaging technology on multipack cans in Europe

In a first for the Non-Alcoholic-Ready-to-Drink category, we’re proud to report that Ireland will be one of the first countries to introduce the new Keel Clip, eliminating up to 200 tonnes of shrink wrap plastic.

Made to Make a Difference

Celebrating its 100% recycled bottle range, Deep RiverRock encourages greater recycling to achieve a closed loop for packaging

Coca‑Cola's new pack line-up will offer people simple choices when the government’s tax on sugar-sweetened drinks is introduced

The new Government tax will lead to an increase in the price of Coca‑Cola Classic, but Diet Coke and Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar will not be affected. Furthermore, thanks to extensive reformulation over the past two years, the majority of Coca‑Cola HBC's portfolio will be exempt from the new tax.

Coca‑Cola set to disrupt the iced tea category as Fuzetea launches in Ireland

Fuzetea, the iced tea drink has officially launched its new flavour; Mango & Chamomile.

Introducing Coca‑Cola Energy

The newest addition to the Coca‑Cola HBC's portfolio in Ireland and Northern Ireland

Coca‑Cola enters the dark art of mixology

The world’s most famous soft drink will launch its first ever range of Signature Mixers next month, designed and expertly crafted to be enjoyed with dark spirits

New look, same great taste | Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar

This season, red is in!
We've got a new look, but the great Coke taste, with or without sugar.

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