Coca‑Cola HBC awarded 'Plastic Pledge Member of the Year' at Pakman Awards

Coca‑Cola HBC awarded 'Plastic Pledge Member of the Year' at Pakman Awards

Coca‑Cola HBC has been celebrated for its sustainability leadership, delivering on its World Without Waste strategy and the commitments set out in Repak's Pledge on Plastic Packaging Waste. 

We're very proud of this award. At Coca‑Cola HBC, we have vision for a World Without Waste and this accolade celebrates the achievements of our cross-functional team who have been working tirelessly to design more sustainable packaging and improve collection and recycling infrastructure. Our investment in recycled PET in particular marks a significant step in our strategy to create a closed loop for our packaging; acknowledging that plastic packaging need not become ‘waste’, but rather material with a value proposition which can use again through effective recycling.

Gillian Shields Packaging and Sustainability Manager

Since 2018, Coca‑Cola HBC has been accelerating its global strategy to achieve a World Without Waste by 2030 and proudly became signatories of Repak’s Pledge on Plastic Packaging Waste in May 2019. 

Together with The Coca‑Cola Company, Coca‑Cola HBC has had outstanding success in delivering against these commitments in Ireland and Northern Ireland. These achievements were celebrated with the awarding of Repak's Plastic Pledge Member of the Year by Minister for Communications, Climate Action, and Environment Richard Bruton, at the Pakman Awards in Dublin on Thursday, 24th October.

As all bottles and cans sold by Coca‑Cola HBC are already 100% recyclable, at Coca‑Cola HBC, we have been accelerating the integration of more recycled materials into our packaging since 2018. More than 40% of our plastic portfolio now consists of recycled PET (rPET). The award also recognises the launch of our first 100% recycled PET portfolio for our water brand Deep RiverRock.

These investments in rPET eliminates almost 3,450 tonnes of virgin PET from our supply chain annually, while also creating a closed loop for packaging.

The award also recognises the strides made in reducing and eliminating our plastic use overall. Since 2018, the amount of plastic used in the manufacture of our plastic bottles has been reduced by 10% through light-weighting of packs and the introduction of a smaller closure. Deep RiverRock’s 500ml bottle has undergone significant light-weighting in particular. Now one of the lightest mainstream water bottles on the market, it has achieved a 39% reduction in PET use since 2015.

The World Without Waste strategy also sets out an ambition to collect and recycle the equivalent of every bottle or can we sell by 2030 to achieve a true circular economy for packaging. Coca‑Cola HBC has proudly partnered with Repak (Team Green), customers, local authorities and NGOs to achieve this, with a focus on improving the infrastructure for on-the-go collection. This has also been aided by marketing investment to change consumer mindset with respect to recycling.

With further planned investments in capital expenditure, marketing, and recycled materials, Coca‑Cola HBC is committed to continuing to play a key role in achieving the plastic recycling targets of 55% by 2030.