Schweppes is an adult soft drink that offers a range of delicately-balanced creations with ingredients selected with care, created to mix with or to quench your thirst.

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Schw tonic

Schweppes Classic Range


Schweppes Classic

Our founder, Jacob Schweppes was a jeweller and scientist with a real thirst for curiosity.

In 1783 he invented the first ever process of capturing bubbles, and from this carbonation system, Schweppes Soda water was born – the world’s first ever soft drink.

Thanks to Jacob we have been enjoying the superior taste of Schweppes mixers for over 200 years and is the number one branded mixer in Ireland enjoyed with and without alcohol.

The core range includes tonic water, slimline tonic, slimline elderflower tonic, soda water, ginger ale and bitter lemon.


Schweppes History:

Soda Water - 1783

Ginger - 1821

Lemonade - 1835

Tonic Water - 1870

Bitter Lemon - 1957

Slimline Range - 1965

Schweppes crisp

Schweppes Signature Range


Schweppes Signature Collection

The Schweppes Signature Collection has been carefully crafted to quench the natural curiosity that lies within all of us. We’ve created this collection using premium ingredients to deliver a subtle yet intriguing twist.

Schweppes Signature Collection are naturally flavoured, premium mixers crafted to pair with the world’s finest spirits available in Crisp Tonic Water, Light Tonic Water & Cucumber Tonic Water.