Coca-Cola Original


Coca‑Cola Original Taste is the world’s favourite soft drink and has been enjoyed since 1886. You can find Coca‑Cola Original Taste in a variety of sizes to suit every lifestyle and occasion.

Coca‑Cola was invented by Dr John S Pemberton and it first went on sale at Jacob's Pharmacy in Atlanta, Georgia. It was actually Dr Pemberton's bookkeeper, Frank M Robinson, who invented the now world-famous red-and-white logo with its special Spencerian script.

Coca‑Cola is now the most recognised trademark in the world and is even thought to be the most widely understood word in the world after ‘OK’. Since its introduction to the island of Ireland in 1939, Coca‑Cola remains the country’s best selling retail brand.


Over the years, as consumer taste, preference and lifestyles have changed, Coca‑Cola has innovated to develop and launch new brands, with distinct and separate identities. These brands have provided people with a greater choice in terms of flavour, calories and caffeine content, whilst still providing the taste they enjoy.

Diet Coke


Within a year of its launch, Diet Coke became the best-selling low-calorie soft drink in America.

It’s hugely popular in the Republic of Ireland too, and even more so in Northern Ireland which has the highest per-capita consumption in the world. On the island of Ireland, Diet Coke is the second-biggest sparkling drink, only outsold by Coca‑Cola itself!


Say it with a Diet Coke

Diet Coke launched eight new limited edition can designs in 2019 to help you Say it with a Diet Coke as part of the You Do You campaign. Your phrase of choice on these limited edition cans will help you express exactly how you're feeling in those moments when you just can't find the words.

Diet Coke is also available in a caffeine-free variety which was launched in 1988 in response to the growing demand for the great taste of Diet Coke without the caffeine.

CCZS 500ml-01

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar


Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar is the zero calorie, zero sugar alternative to Coca‑Cola original. 

The brand has been on a journey since it was introduced to the Irish market and was reformulated in 2016 to match the taste and feel of Coca‑Cola original.


One Way or Another

In 2016, Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar moved to a new design which is closer in look and feel to Coca‑Cola classic as part of our Hero Zero strategy. 

The refreshed design unifies the range with the iconic red colour of Coca‑Cola to make it even clearer that, whichever you choose, you’ll get the same great Coca‑Cola taste and experience you know and love – either with or without sugar.

CCZS Vanilla 500ml-01

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Flavours


We innovate our core sugar free ranges with exciting new flavours in their Zero Sugar variant to encourage our consumers to try low sugar variants of our drinks, making low and no-sugar drinks the easy choice through our Hero Zero approach.

We offer exciting Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar flavours in Vanilla and Cherry.